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How to Make the Move from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 BC Successfully - ERP Software Blog

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Are you considering moving from your on-premises ERP to Dynamics 365 that will give you all the benefits of the Cloud?

Cloud benefits include mobility, scalability, increased visibility and collaboration, automatic updates and troubleshooting, and so much more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP solution.

Does moving your ERP solution to the next level seem daunting?

Our experts at A BC Consulting will walk you through everything you need to know about configuration and setup and provide assistance to ensure a successful move.

So, how do you begin the move from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 BC?

Start with our carefully prepared checklist guide.

We created the Dynamics GP to BC Implementation Checklist to help current Dynamics GP users who are ready to take the next step.


How to prepare for a move to the Cloud from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365

Choose the right partner

You need to realize that moving to Dynamics 365 BC will be an upgrade from Dynamics GP, not a simple migration.

Dynamics 365 BC is a unique product with more robust functionality.

Many partners have a background in Dynamics NAV (the previous iteration of Dynamics BC) and may not be as familiar with Dynamics GP.

You’ll need an expert partner who understands both Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 BC to ensure that all your processes will be accommodated.

Accept a realistic schedule

Some partners may offer you very short turnover times.

But remember, this is an ERP implementation project. It will require discovery, requirements gathering, testing, and training.

Shorter and cheaper projects are often unsuccessful in the long run.

Take advantage of the best technology

Microsoft Power Platform, free with Dynamics 365 BC, is a powerful tool for automating processes, integrations, and workflows.

Power BI reporting allows you to build insightful reports and Key Performance Indicators.

Invest in discovery and training

Because Dynamics 365 BC is a unique product, you must be sure that your current business processes and workflows will translate successfully.

Proper training for key users will ensure a smooth transition.

Consider add-ons

The right third-party apps or those from AppSource can meet the needs of your unique business and save on costly customization.

Count the cost savings

Apart from the software and implementation and support costs and a monthly licensing cost, there are no additional fees.

Bi-annual upgrades and three sandboxes come with Dynamics 365 BC.

Microsoft takes care of those and won’t interrupt your business to install them.

You’ll save on not needing servers or VPNs. And you’ll have anywhere, anytime access with mobile and tablet capabilities.

And Microsoft is offering a Bridge to Cloud promotional discount for Dynamics GP clients who want to change.

Rely on Microsoft security

BC uses single sign-on to access your account, and multi-factor authentication will keep your account safe.

Microsoft uses state-of-the-art security; they stake their reputation on it.


Assemble your team

Now that you’re set to go ahead, be sure you appoint a project manager or have an executive assigned to lead your team.

They will be the link with your partner’s project team.

Would you like help with your Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 BC implementation?

Contact us at A BC Consulting.

Our experts will walk you through everything you need to know about configuration and setup and provide assisted setup guides to help with an easy onboarding process.

Try It Before You Buy It

Contact us for a free demo and 30-day trial of the fastest-growing cloud ERP software, Dynamics 365 BC.

By A BC Consulting Group,


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