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Inventory on Hand/Item Availability Reporting for Business Central

One of the struggles that customers have often when learning Business Central with inventory is getting decent items on hand reporting inside Business Central. There are several ways to see items on hand reporting but one of the most recommended ways is to use the Analyze function on the item ledger entries reporting. Reporting can be done in a few minutes and the Analyze views can be saved. Follow our steps below to get these reports and watch the video below, as our founder and CEO, Shannon Mullins, walks through this method and other reporting options for Inventory on Hand.

Step One- Find or search for Item Ledger Entries. Bookmark this view, if you have not done so already.

Step Two- Filter the view and filter the remaining quantities column to be <>0, which will show all items with a positive or negative amount. You can also filter by location before turning on analyze view or filter after.

Step Three- Click on the Analyze button at the top to open the Analyze feature. You can turn it off at any time by clicking on the same button. In version 24, the toggle goes away and the symbol will look like this:

Step Four- Use the columns selection on the right to add/hide columns. You want to keep the remaining quantity column. I recommend grouping by location and item. You can also add bin grouping if you are using bins and personalized the item ledger entries table to add the bin number as a column (before running analyze view).

Step Five- On the tab where it says Analyze 1 at the top, Click on the small arrow, click rename and call this Items on Hand or whatever name you want to give it.

Step Six- If you want to send to Excel, right click anywhere on the data lines in the view and then choose, export to Excel.

Any questions or need any help with creating these views, feel free to reach out to Shannon- Email:

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